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Monday, 30 January 2017

Romantic love stories to tell a lover

Once a girl was talking with her best friend. She told that I don’t believe in love at first sight.
Boy: Why? 
Girl: It’s just an infatuation. I believe in love for years and It’s a true situation.
Because the moments spend together are not just a prediction. It is something without a reason. 
Boy: Do you think I love you for a particular reason?
Girl: No not like that.
Boy: Then why did you said like that?

Girl: See as love gets deeper in every season it’s selfish to have a reason.
Boy: I don't believe that. Can you explain how deep you are in love with me?
Girl: You want to know it.
Boy: Of course i want to know.

Girl: So, my love for you is like a pigeon, which gives peace in every season without thinking of any reason.
Boy: Thank you so much.
Girl: Sorry yaar. I love you for no reason.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Cute love story

Once a boy loves a girl. Some days later they had break up due to some unknown reason. Girl was sitting in a railway station and boy follows her. He asked why she ignoring him. I am sorry yaar. Please excuse me. 

She remained silent. Then girl gives a Glass and told his boyfriend to throw the glass. Boy did it without fail. Girl told to her boyfriend please ask that glass for sorry. 

Boy told I am sorry to broken glass. Now girl said did that glass joints again after you said sorry. Like the same you broken my heart. I am sorry. I cant fall in love again with you. Then boy said I love you so much. Girl said I love you too.

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Best Story to Impress a Girl : A touching Love Story

Once a time there lived a boy. He fall in love with a town girl. But the girl was not loved the boy and always hated him. One day the boy decided to change his girl friend's mind. But how to do this work. He himself said that he will stand in front of her house till next 10 days. Without listening I love you from her mouth I will never move that place.

Storms and Rains came but the boy didn't moved from that place. His friends and neighbor called him but he never agreed to move. After the 9th day the girl fall in love with him. Girl decided that she'll say that she also Loves him so much.

With the rise of Sun of 10th day the girl ran out but the boy wasn't there. Where he went? She was astonished to know that boy was not there. She found a piece of paper on which it was written

"You seat at your home and enjoy your snacks... I was waiting for you but you never came out. So I got committed with your neighbor. Thanking you."

Moral - When you get love from someone respect it and say it immediately.

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Sweet love story for ever

It all started one morning on a rainy day. The rainy season had begun, the college buildings were half wet and half dry; a beautiful sight, there was this sweet smell of wet sand, drops of water on leaves which sprinkle down on you when you shake the tree. A young boy was walking on the road and calling to his friend. He reached in the bus stop and waiting to my friend. Suddenly he surprised a girl crossed by my sight. He just turns around and watched her she was very beautiful, charming and cute.

She stand a little distance and waiting for the bus. He thought she is waiting for someone. He decided to talk with her. What should he do now, his heart beat raised?

He wants to talk with her. He myself encourage and started walking towards that girl.
He says Hello? Hello…no reply from that side. Again He said hello..She: replied Hello…
Boy: Hi this is Ayush… She: replied Ayesha..
Boy: Wow what a nice name. If you don’t mind can you say whom you waiting for…
She: I am sorry. Why should I say that to you?
Boy:  Nothing what u r waiting for? I want to know.
She: I am waiting for my brother to pick up me……
Boy: can I say you something?
She: What?
Boy: Your voice is so sweet like your face.
Girl: I am sorry. Please stop this nonsense. (She walked away)
Boy: Silently followed her …
Girl: Why are you following me?
Boy: can we have cold drinks? Or ice cream?
She: Are you crazy? In this rainy day who is taking Ice cream? (She smiled and by seeing that i forget myself it looks like a heaven)
Suddenly one person came and picked up her. Boy: asked who are you?
It was her brother… no words from boy’s mouth he took her away boy stand quite…)
How fool that boy? He don’t know anything about her except her name how can he find her?

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Teenage Romantic Love Stories

Once a boy fall in love with a girl. One fine morning 
Boy: Say hellow.
Girl: Hii..
Boy: How are you today? 
Girl : Fine and you.
Boy: Very very fine.
Girl: Where are you going now? 
Boy: I am going to take a photograph.
Girl: Which photograph yaar? Which time are you going today to college?
Boy: No I am not coming to college today.
Girl: Why? Is there any important work with you to do? Then why don't you come to college today. There were some important classes you will must miss today.
Boy: Its ok you will give me notes I will study it.
Girl: Ok. Which Photograph do you want to take? Can you tell me.
Boy: No I don't like to say to you.
Girl: Ok then it must be your girl friends photo.
Boy: Of course my girl friend.
Girl: What? ? ? You are really mad. Bye.
Boy: Hey stand there?
Girl: Why? I am going yaar.
Boy: Can I take a photo of you?
Girl: Why?
Boy: I just want to show my children how their mom looked when she was younger.
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