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Sunday, 15 March 2015

Love stories

Once upon a time there was a girl and a boy lived together in a city. They were best friend and they want to marry each other. But one day they sit in a beach. At that time: 
Girl: We're best friend, right?
Boy: Yes, of course
Girl: So be honest with me, who do you like?
Boy: No one. I love someone.
Girl: Oh, she must be very lucky
Boy: Definitely. I've loved her,
ever since I met her
Girl: Really? Well l, since we're best friends,
I want to meet her. Go call her.
Boy: Oh okay. & Boy takes out his phone,
dials her number and phones her.
Girl: Wait, hold on I think I'm getting a call
Answers the phone.
Boy: I love you

He just waited for this moment and hold her hand tightly.

Friday, 13 March 2015

cute stories to tell your girlfriend

A girl asked a boy if she was pretty, he said "No". She asked him if he wanted to be with her forever, he said "No". Then she asked him if he would cry if she walked away, he said "No". She had heard enough; she needed to leave.

As she walked away he grabbed her arm and told her to stay. He said "You're not pretty, you're beautiful. I don`t want to be with you forever, I need to be with you forever. And I wouldn't cry if you walked away, I would die."

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Love sayings: Romantic Love Story in short

A boy was dating a girl who always hurt him. One day, she broke up with him and told him, "I don't ever want to see you again."

A few months later, the girl had a change of heart. She realized that she loved the boy who was really sweet, so she went back and said to him, "Give me just one more chance. I love you and I need you. I promise that I will never hurt you again in my whole life."

But the boy just laughed and said to her, "Only a fool would take back someone who hurt them so much."

The girl felt hopeless and began to cry, but the boy put his arms around her, held her tightly and said, "...and you know I am one of those fools."

Cute short love stories

There Were Two Lovers Who Decided To End Their Relationship.
After Many Years When The Boy Got Married,
His Ex G.F Approached Him 'n Said:
"How Dare You Use My Favorite Color As The Theme Of Your Wedding ..!
How Dare You Use My Favorite Flowers As Your Decoration!
How Dare You Set The Date I Proposed You As Your Wedding Day
How Dare You Use Our Song For The Ceremony??

Short stories about love

A girlfriend gave a challenge to her boyfriend
to live a day without her. No communication 
at all and said if he passed it, she'll love him forever.
The boyfriend agreed. He never texted her 
nor called his girlfriend for the whole day 
without knowing, his girl friend has 24 hours left 
because of a kidney failure.

After a day,
he excitedly went to his girlfriend,
'' I did it baby'' but tears fell as he saw his girlfriend lying 
in a coffin with a note: '' You did it baby, now please do it every day

Girl: If your Mom & I
were to fall in the Water who
would you save??
Boy: I'd Jump into the water, save
my Mom & Die with you..!!!!

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Sweet and real heart touching Love story

One day God sent 2 Chairs 2 Lovers,
The Specialty of that Chair was that;
The Person Sitting on It, if says Truth
Then Green Light would blink and
if person sitting on It says a Lie;
then Red Light would Blink..!
Girl sat on the Chair;
Boy Asked Her:
"Do you Love Me??”
Girl: "Yes.., I Love U."
(Red Light Blinks)
Boy: Don't Worry..!
There will b a Mistake done by God..!
I'll ask U again; & then We will See what Happens..
Boy: "Do you Love Me??”
Girl: "Yes.., I love you..?!. (Green Light Blinks)
Do you know what happened?
When the first time the boy asked?
The Girl actually was not in love with Him;
She lied... But when the boy showed
His Lovable Trust n Faith on the Girl;
That the Girl truly started loving the boy..
That’s Love..?
It can be happen with anyone at any moment.

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Cute Short Blind Love Story

There was a blind girl who was filled with animosity and despised the world. She didn’t have many friends, just a boyfriend who loved her deeply, like no one else. The girl never saw her boy friend. She always used to say that she’d marry him if she could see him. Suddenly, one day someone donated her pair of eyes.
And she was fully cured from blindness. And that’s when she finally saw her boyfriend. She was astonished to see that her boyfriend was blind. He told her, “You can see me now, can we get married?” She replied what to do? We’d never be happy. I have my eye sight now, but you’re still blind. It won’t work out. I am really sorry.” I can’t marry you.
With a tear in his eye and a smile on his face, he meekly said, “I understand. I just want you to always be happy. Take care of yourself, and my eyes too.” I love you so much.

Short Cute Love Story

A girl and boy loved each other very much. Girl name Sumi and Boy name Abhijit. One day morning they were sitting under a tree.

Sumi: Swiftly asked to Abhijit “Am I Pretty”?
Abhijit: No.
Sumi: Do you wanna live with me?
Abhijit: No.

Sumi: If I leave you then will you cry?
Abhijit: No.
Sumi got hurt n started 2 cry.
Abhijit hold her Tight and said:
U r not Pretty but BEAUTIFUL.
I don’t want to live with you but I live for you.

When you leave me I will not cry but DIE.

Cute love stories for her

Conversation between Girl & Boy after Break-up"
Girl: Your New Girlfriend is Pretty (Girl Thinks in Mind....Is she Really Pretty than me???)
Boy: Ya she is
...!! (Boy Thinks in mind....But you are still the most Beautiful Girl i know)
Girl: I heard that she is Funny & Amazing (All the Stuff that i wasn't)
Boy: Sure She is.... (But she is nothing compared to you)
Girl: Well I Hope...You both last...(We never did)
Boy: I Hope you do too.... (What Happened to You & Me...?)
Girl: Well...I gotta go.... (Before i start Cry)
Boy: Ya me too... (I Hope you don't Cry)
Girl: Bye....(I Still Love you & Miss you)

♥ Like If You Think They Both Should Be Together ♥

Feeling for a mother is always same for everyone

Once a time I got off the bus, I was shocked that my purse was stolen! There was nothing in my purse to worry, just 100 and one envelope with a letter which I wrote for my mother to say that "I lost my job....., I won't be able to send money this month....."

The letter was in my pocket since one week, because I was not willing to send it to her that she would feel bad. Anyway that 150 was not a big amount.... but who has no job in this expensive city...... and who has to look his family.... for him....., it’s like 1000 rupees.

After some days, I got a letter from my mother, I was afraid that she wrote for money.....! But I was shocked to read the letter, - "thank you son! I got your money 500 rupees. That you send to me."

I kept thinking who would have sent that money to her....!!

Some days passed, I again got another letter from my mother
"Dear son, I got a letter, it has very small and bad hand writing, but I broke my glass, I can't read it properly so I am sending it to you".

I opened the letter, it said -
"I send 500 rupees to your mother.... adding 400 rupees with your 100 rupees.....

After all mother is mother, why should she stay hungry! Anyway, as soon as possible look for a job and look after your mother

Yours pickpocket

Moral: no matter what the profession is! Good or bad! The feeling for a mother is always same for everyone. 
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