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Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Teenage Heart Touching Love Stories

Once there was a boy roaming in the town. He was loved with a girl to whom he doesn't know. One day he promised to meet that girl and proposed her. But how he could proposed her? He even doesn't know her name. He met her in a Golgoppa shop. She was eating golgoppa with her friends. He went to that girl and asked you know why I am coming here. Girl: Who the hell you are? I don't care why you are here? Boy: I just wanted to know your name. I think your name is rose. Girl: What? Idiot, My name is not rose my name is Elina. Thank you said the boy and went away. 

Again the next day he met the girl and asked hello Elina can I speak with you for a while please! Don't look at me I will take you eyes and call the cops. Oh my dear no need to call the police. Listen there are more times to Take my eyes but let me see you first. Take my mind but let me think about you. Take my hand but let me touch you but don't try to break my heart because I love you. I don't love you. Boy said, Can I confess something? There are a lot of birds whispering only about you, you should once listen to them, then you would know how much I love you. Bye take care.

The girl went to her home that day and can't sleep at night. She was thinking about that boy. It was reminds her again again. His voice was echoing her ear only. She felt in love with him. She wanted to meet him the right away at night. But.... The next day the boy was sitting on a road wall. The girl went there and grabbed him from the back and said I love you yaar. I can't live without you anymore. The boy said I love you too. The girl finally accepted her proposal.
That is called real love.

True Heart Touching Love Stories : Cute Love Stories

Once there was a boy fall in love with his classmate girl. They both were very much of affectionate. They were always travelling school together and come back too. They were taken lunch in canteen because they wanted to spend some time. Once they had a small conversation about their marriage life. On that time the boy asked his girlfriend to come to the park at evening and they can discuss about anything. 

They fixed a time and they went there too. Inside the park little distance of them there was a couple kissing each other. The boy proposed the girl for kissing. The girl just closed her eyes and allow her boyfriend for kissing. The boy just kissed her forehead and told her I have the whole life to do this. Thank you. He hugged her and said I love you. Girl said I love you too.

Monday, 12 February 2018

True Love Stories

Once upon a time there was a boy who felt love with his friend. One day he met her on the way. Boy : How are you sweet heart ?

Girl : Not good
Boy : Why? What happened?
Girl : I have so much cold. I can't breath properly.
Boy : What are you talking about??? How ?
Girl : I had ice-cream yesterday night so..
Boy : Are you mad ???
I had told you not to eat ice cream in this rainy season but you. Are you crazy?

Look into my eyes what the hell you think you are? Don’t you’ve brain??
You aren’t kid, can't you just take care of yourself? You stupid idiot..
Girl: Smiled and
hugged him and said “I Love you a Lot”
Boy : What’s happening here? Will you please tell me.
Girl : I just loved it whenever you scold me that’s why I ate ice-cream. So that you’ll scold me more and more.
Boy : You stupid idiot I love you too…!!

Saturday, 10 February 2018

A Heart Touching Love Story To Read

Once there was a boy who was suffering from cancer had lived his whole life inside the house being taken care of by his mother.

One day he wanted to go outside,. His mother was hesitant but reluctantly agreed. He was sick of always being at home and she knew that. She let him go for a walk down the street.

He walked past a lot of stores and came across one particular one that sold CDs. He went inside. He saw the prettiest girl he had ever seen there and he knew immediately that he loved her. It was a classic case of love at first sight.

He walked up to the desk behind which she was working. He could not seem to notice anything else except her. She looked up at him and smiled. “Can I help you?” said she in the sweetest voice ever. He just wanted to kiss her right then and there, but he managed to think of something.

“I, uh, I want to buy a CD,” he said. He picked up a random one and paid the girl.
“Would you like that wrapped?” she asked him, flashing him the cutest smile once again.

He nodded, and she went to get the supplies she needed. She came back, wrapped the CD, and he took it and left.

The next day the boy went back and bought another CD, got it wrapped same as usual. He really wanted to ask her out but he didn’t have the courage. The boy repeated the same thing for the next few weeks. He put every CD in his closet.

The mom found out about this and asked him to just ask her out, so the next day when he went to buy the CD, while the girl went to get the wrapping paper, he wrote his number and left.

[A few days later, the phone rings]

Boy’s mom picked up, it was the girl. She wanted to speak to the boy. The mom (sobbing) told the girl that he passed away last week.

Later, the mom wanted to remember her son so she went to his room and opened his closet. There she found all the unopened CDs. She opened one and it had a note. It was from the girl. “Hi, I think you’re really cute, do you want to go out?”

She opened one more. There was one more piece of paper, and the same thing in the next CD and so on…

Romantic stories to tell your girlfriend on valentines day

Once there was a boy and a girl were dating each other a long time. One day they were in a railway platform sitting together. Boy asked the girl do you know what day is today? Girl winks and said no I don't know. What day? Is there any special day is going on? Boy told are you serious? You don't know today is the proposed day. 

Romantic stories to tell your girlfriend on valentines day

Girl: Really is it? Then what to do? Shall we go and take ice cream and be relaxed sitting there. Boy: Ok we will go but ? 

Girl: Come on !! what happened?

Boy: I would like you to do something important for me.

Girl: Yes, I will do.

Boy: When you get home today, thank your mom for me.

Girl: Sure, but why?

Boy: Thank her because she gave birth to an angel who was put into my life and one day whom I hope will become my wife. 

Girl: Thank you so much and its really sweet. I will be yours for ever.

Boy: Then we should have our first ice cream today with our proposal day.

Girl: Sure. they went to ice cream parlor and taken Ice cream. 

Happy ending.....

Cute and Inspirational Love Story

cute and inspirational loveOnce upon a time there was a little girl staying in a small village. She was studying in her village's school. As usual she went to school but that day her teacher asked her some question. When she returned to her home she told her mother about this matter. Girl: Dad. You know my teacher asked me what your dad do? Dad: What you said? Girl: I said he works in a chocolate factory and brings lots of chocolate for me?
In evening he works in an ice-cream parlor and I eat my favorite flavor?

He also works in a toys shop and bring me soft and cruddy teddy’s?

Sometimes he is a teacher also because he helps me in my homework. 

He is very strong and hard-worker. He works from morning to evening. He never get tired and always there for me and my mom. Did I said right or wrong dad exclaimed by little girl.  

Dad: You are right my baby. Everything you said its right and I Love You so much my child?

Girl: I Love You too dad. (Kissed him)

True and cute love stories - Really heart touching love story

Once a boy roamed in the city with his bicycle. He met his girl friend with her classmate on the way. When the boy saw her girl friend he said, Hello how are you? What are you doing?

Girl: Feels uncomfortable to speak with him. She said hello? I went to tuition and you? 

Boy: I went to market to buy a gift for my sister?

Girl: Ok you can go now. I will talk to you later at evening or call you at night.

Boy: Why? Don't you want to speak with me now? What is your problem.

Girl: I am sorry I am with my friends now. Please we can speak with phone at night. Please leave me to spend sometimes with my friends yaar.

Boy: I don't know why do you avoiding me? I am not a child. I can't tolerate this. Why are you playing with me. Don't you love me? Come on yaar.

Girl: Please understand my situation. 

Boy: If you can't speak with me now then don't speak with me later. Bye.

Girl: Don't misunderstand me please try to understand my situation. 

Boy: He got angry and left the place with sad face.

Girl's classmate: Don’t misunderstand the person who shows anger on you.

Because….Anger is the most easiest and childish way to express the deep love.

Girl: I love him so much yaar. But he...

Later at night boy called him and said I am sorry. I love you so much. 

Girl: I love you too..

Monday, 25 December 2017

Short Cute Romantic Love Stories

Once upon a time there was a blind girl who was filled with animosity and despised the world. She didn't have many friends, just a boyfriend who loved her deeply, like no one else. She always used to say that she'd marry him if she could see him. Suddenly, one day someone donated her a pair of eyes.

And that's when she finally saw her boyfriend. She was astonished to see that her boyfriend was blind. He told her, "You can see me now, can we get married?"

She replied, "And do what? We'd never be happy. I have my eye sight now, but you're still blind. It won't work out, I'm sorry."

With a tear in his eye and a smile on his face, he meekly said, "I understand. I just want you to always be happy. Take care of yourself, and my eyes."

Friday, 22 December 2017

Romantic Love Story to tell a Girlfriend

Once upon a time there lived a boy in a small town. One day that boy was following a girl on the way returning from the college. The girl was from the same college. The boy was so sweet and fare. But the girl was little dark in color. The boy wanted to propose her in the Christmas day. 

He was not able to see her last couple of days. So when he saw her immediately started following her. Girl was feeling annoying because she doesn't like that boy. So she asked, "Why are you following me? Please leave me alone and let me walk peacefully. The boy asked please wait for a while.I want to talk with you. Girl, I don't want to talk with you. Please don't follow me else I will call my brother. Boy again asked please I want to speak with you only one minute. 

Girl said what do you want to speak with me? I don't even know you. Boy please listen I will not waste your time. Girl, Ok tell me what you want to speak? Boy, You are very pretty. Girl, So what? Boy, I think I am in love with you. I don't know why but that is the reason I am behind you. Girl, Do you think I am prettier than you? Then why do you going to love me. 

Please look my friend she is prettier than me and she is right behind you? Please follow her and proposed her. I may be not sweeter than my friend. Boy, looks behind himself and seen no body. Girl, hello If you really loved me then you wouldn't have looked behind. Thank you so much. Please go away. The boy left that place with tear.
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