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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Inspirational Love Stories

There was a boy was following a girl always.

Girl-why are you following me?

Boy – You are very pretty and I think I am in love with you!

Girl- But I am not pretty. You haven’t met my friend yet. She is prettier than me and you know she is right behind you.

Boy- Looks there is no one behind …
Girl - If u really loved me you wouldn’t have looked behind

Heart Touching (Sad) Love Story

Once a girl was sitting in a station and waiting for train. She looked up and saw her boyfriend walk in with some snacks. As she was looking at snacks, a man walked in and pointed a gun at her. He had been admiring her ring was in her finger. Which was her boyfriend had given to her as a token of his love. When he asked her to give it to him, she said no. Her boyfriend looked up just in time to see her shoot. He ran over to the killer and beat him mercilessly. Then he ran to her girlfriend and called 911. When the ambulance came, he was sobbing uncontrollably near his girlfriend.

The doctor came over and felt for her pulse. Then he stood up and said she was still alive. Later at the hospital, as he was sitting beside her, he asked “Why didn't you just give him the ring?" and then she softly spoke "Because when you gave it to me, you said it was part of your love for me and I knew if I gave him the ring, I would lose that love." The next day, she was pronounced dead.

Monday, 19 October 2015

True and cute love story

Once there was a girl staying in a small village. She is a school teacher. Once her sister’s marriage fixed and she went to her sister’s engaged party. In the mean time she met a boy and he is known to her sister’s husband. The boy asked her excuse me; can you show me your mother please? She took him to her mother and her mother and that boy had some conversation. After some moment she feel something and she started liked him. The party was over and they went their own destination.

The boy also falls in love with that girl in her first look. He got the girls phone number from his friend. One day he proposed her and the girl said please give some time to think about this, because my sister’s marriage will be held on soon. Ok take your own time I am waiting for you said the boy. The girl said to her sister about this everything. Her sister said doesn’t fall in love with that boy. But the girl likes him, so she accepts him without her sister’s knowledge. This proposal goes for marriage. But the girl’s family didn’t agree with this proposal. But they were happy each other. One day everything collapsed. The girl was suffering from typhoid and she lost her hair. In the mean time she got some skin infection. She was taking much medicine and also treated by the Ayurvedic medicine. There was no result for hair. But she got her glowing skin.

In the mean time the girl’s family brought so many marriage proposals for her. The girl said no I don’t want to marry now. I want to study. She said lie to her family because she loves him so much and waiting for his job. She told her boy friend everything. The boy said don’t worry I am always with you. I will marry you soon. They continue each other some days. But after some days the boy started avoiding her and not even attend her call, didn’t even send a reply to her sms. The girl wants to meet him for the last time but he didn’t. The girl cried a lot. She is still waiting for him. But the boy goes away from her and never come back.

Moral: We waste time looking for the perfect lover, instead of creating the perfect love. It’s true that the perfect lover isn’t out there; it’s about creating the perfect love with the person that you care about most. The belief that someone is out there that is perfect for you is based on a false premise. You are the creator of your world, so you don’t need to seek them out, you are creating things in your own reality, and that is true about the love of your life just as much as anything else. So get busy today creating the perfect love in your life. Don’t wait for the one who gives you false promise.

A cute love story that will touch your heart

Once a time I got off the bus, I was shocked that my purse was stolen! There was nothing in my purse to worry, just 100 and one envelope with a letter which I wrote for my mother to say that "I lost my job....., I won't be able to send money this month....."

The letter was in my pocket since one week, because I was not willing to send it to her that she would feel bad. Anyway that 150 was not a big amount.... but who has no job in this expensive city...... and who has to look his family.... for him....., it’s like 1000 rupees.

After some days, I got a letter from my mother, I was afraid that she wrote for money.....! But I was shocked to read the letter, - "thank you son! I got your money 500 rupees. That you send to me."

I kept thinking who would have sent that money to her....!!

Some days passed, I again got another letter from my mother
"Dear son, I got a letter, it has very small and bad hand writing, but I broke my glass, I can't read it properly so I am sending it to you".

I opened the letter, it said -
"I send 500 rupees to your mother.... adding 400 rupees with your 100 rupees.....

After all mother is mother, why should she stay hungry! Anyway, as soon as possible look for a job and look after your mother

Yours pickpocket

Moral: no matter what the profession is! Good or bad! The feeling for a mother is always same for everyone. 

Sunday, 20 September 2015

True and heart touching love story

Once there was a boy and girl fall in love after conversation with mobile. They are not met each other. One day the girl asked the boy that she wants meet her. The boy was so eager to meet her and he took auto from his office and went to meet her. He bought dairy milk with him for her. Then the girl asked him to come to near to her home. It was very difficult task for the boy who was unknown in that town but the boy went without any second thought meet his dear one. Then he reached his destination. He asked his girl which place I should come. I am near to your home. The girl just went top of her roof and asked the boy to come near that street. The boy went and talking with her over phone. 

Then the boy asked her to come out near that street but the girl denied and said my mother and aunt are in home they may catch me. Please I will meet you some other day. Now you have to go. But the boy asked him willfully please come across the street I want to see you. Then the girl came near to him and the boy sees there. However he likes her so much and gives her the chocolate. Then the girl just talking with him may be in walking mode. 

Then the girl asked how are you and how did you came here? And after got the feedback she went her home and while she going to her home said that I love you so much. How cute you are. Why you love me I am not beautiful and you look handsome and cute. The boy said I don’t care how you look what you were? I only love you and yours heart. 

Moral: I believe that two people are connected at the heart, and it doesn't matter what you do, how we look .... No matter what culture we're from.

Friday, 18 September 2015

A Cute Romantic Love Story

A boy loved an innocent girl so much. One day he asked her girl friend to come to the library. She was being late due to some reason. So they both were fighting.

Suddenly some tear dropped from the girls eyes. She could not bear the pain of being shouted over by the person whom she loved the most. The boyfriend who was shouting on her, seen her tears, said don’t act here. I don’t like to listen anything. Why did you came late and don’t give me any reason for being late? He couldn't see her hurt in fact. Still he kept shouting at the girl. Boy-What does you think of you? Defeat me if you think you are better. Let’s have a challenge. Who kisses more, me or you? If you own I will give you 2 more kisses. I promise no one will disturb us during this challenge. Even time is not allowed to interfere our matter.

The girl, who was crying and hurt badly, suddenly started laughing. She smiled and kissed her boyfriend's forehead and said I think I defeated you?

Boy - "Certainly my sweet heart". (He holds the girl, smiled and kissed her once at wet eyelids and forehead too). if you won, then I’ll also win a chance to kiss you more and more.

Girl- Smiled and said I love you so much. She took boy's hands and kissed his palms while started crying again.

Boy- (hugged her) I love you too. I'm sorry to hurt you. I can't see your tears. I love you so much. (He also started crying)

Moral: Love is when the other person's happiness is more important than your own.

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Heart touching Love Story

There was a boy loves a girl in a small village. In the beginning girl’s family members
disagree with there love. The pressure applied by family members to that girl, she frequently quarrels with her boyfriend and asked for a good job. The boy has become her “anger releasing target”. The boy, just silently allowed her to continuously release her anger on him.
Once the boy planning to go overseas for further study but before he left he proposed to the girl” I, don’t know how to say nice words but I do know that, I love you. If you agree, I am willing to take care of you, the whole life. As per your family members, I will work hard to convince them about our marriage.” the girl agreed.

Finally, seeing the effort of boys work girl’s family agreed. Before the boy goes overseas, they get engaged. The girl stays in her home and the boy continuing his study overseas. They maintained their relationship through telephone and letters. One day, the girl left home for work as usual on her way to the bus stop, a car loses control and knocks her down. As she awake from unconsciousness, she saw herself with her parents in the hospital. Looking at her parents, with their faced got all wet by their tears, she tried to comfort them. But then, she found out that She can’t even spell a word, she tried her best to make some voice but all she managed, was to breathe without any voice. She’s mute. According to the doctor, the injury affected her brain, and that causes her to be mute for the rest of her life. Listening to her parents persuade, but can’t even reply with a single word, the girl collapsed. 
Later, the girl discharged from hospital, everything is still like before. Except that the phone ring, has turned into the worst nightmare of hers. Ring after ring, continuously stimulate her, stimulating her pain But she can’t tell the boy. She don’t want to be a burden to him, and wrote him a letter telling him that she no longer want to wait, the relationship between them ended, and even returned him the engagement ring. 

Her father decided to move somewhere else, after seeing the pain her daughter is suffering. Hoping that she could forget everything and be happier into a new environment, the girl started to learn, slowly picking up sign language and start over again. 
One day, her best friend tells her that the boy’s back. He’s searching all around for her, she asked her best friend not to tell him about her and asked her to tell him to forget her. After that for more than a year there was no news of boy. One day her best friend tells her, that the boy is getting married soon, and sent the wedding Card to her. She opens the card sadly, but she found her name on the card.

The moment she wants to ask her best friend, the boy appears in front of her. With an unfamiliar sign language, he told her ”I spent more than a year’s time, to force myself to learn sign language, in order to tell you, I have not forgot our promise, give me an opportunity, let me be your voice. I love you.”
Looking at the slow sign language by the boy, and the engagement ring he gave back to her, she finally smiled.
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