Cute Love Stories: Reliable Love story

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Reliable Love story

There was a girl and a boy.
Girl: We Are Best Friends, Right? 
Boy: Yes, Of Course.
Girl: So Be Honest With Me, Who Do You Like?

Boy: No One. I Love Someone.
Girl: Oh, She Must Be Very Lucky..
Boy: Definitely. I've Loved Her,
Ever Since I Met Her.
Girl: Really? Well, Since We're Best Friends,
I Wanna Meet Her. Go Call Her. 
Boy: Oh Okay.
Boy Takes Out His Phone,Dials Her number And Phones Her... 
Girl: Wait, Hold On I Think I'm Getting A Call. 
Answers The Phone
Boy: I Love You... 

How cute is it?? 


subrat said... sweet dear keep it up 8-)

Naveengfx said...

wooow...vry nice ..:)

Rashmi Mishra said...

thanks I would like to receive your experience about this. Please keep in touch with me. Thanks

Kiran Kumar M said...

absolutely marvellous.

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