Cute Love Stories: Sweet love story

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Sweet love story

The Boy & The Girl Were Online Chatting ♥♥
Boy: So..Have You Ever Been In Love?
Girl: Of Course, I Mean Love Is So Hard, You Know
Boy: How Is It Hard?
Girl: Well, When You Love Someone,
Sometimes They
Just Don’t Love You Back.
Boy: Is That What Your Feeling Right Now?
Girl: Haha No [She Lied]
Boy: Ohh..Well, I Gotta Go Bye [He Lied]
Girl: Okay Bye
[The Boy Signed Off, but He Really Didn’t Sign
Off, He was offline,
But the Girl Thought He Really Did Sign Off]
Girl: [She Sighed & One Tear Went Down On
Her Face..
But Then She Typed]…I Love You ..
Boy: [Then The Boy Typed] I Love You,Too


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