Cute Love Stories: A cute love story that will touch your heart

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A cute love story that will touch your heart

Once a time I got off the bus, I was shocked that my purse was stolen! There was nothing in my purse to worry, just 100 and one envelope with a letter which I wrote for my mother to say that "I lost my job....., I won't be able to send money this month....."

The letter was in my pocket since one week, because I was not willing to send it to her that she would feel bad. Anyway that 150 was not a big amount.... but who has no job in this expensive city...... and who has to look his family.... for him....., it’s like 1000 rupees.

After some days, I got a letter from my mother, I was afraid that she wrote for money.....! But I was shocked to read the letter, - "thank you son! I got your money 500 rupees. That you send to me."

I kept thinking who would have sent that money to her....!!

Some days passed, I again got another letter from my mother
"Dear son, I got a letter, it has very small and bad hand writing, but I broke my glass, I can't read it properly so I am sending it to you".

I opened the letter, it said -
"I send 500 rupees to your mother.... adding 400 rupees with your 100 rupees.....

After all mother is mother, why should she stay hungry! Anyway, as soon as possible look for a job and look after your mother

Yours pickpocket

Moral: no matter what the profession is! Good or bad! The feeling for a mother is always same for everyone. 


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