Cute Love Stories: A Cute Romantic Love Story

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A Cute Romantic Love Story

A boy loved an innocent girl so much. One day he asked her girl friend to come to the library. She was being late due to some reason. So they both were fighting.

Suddenly some tear dropped from the girls eyes. She could not bear the pain of being shouted over by the person whom she loved the most. The boyfriend who was shouting on her, seen her tears, said don’t act here. I don’t like to listen anything. Why did you came late and don’t give me any reason for being late? He couldn't see her hurt in fact. Still he kept shouting at the girl. Boy-What does you think of you? Defeat me if you think you are better. Let’s have a challenge. Who kisses more, me or you? If you own I will give you 2 more kisses. I promise no one will disturb us during this challenge. Even time is not allowed to interfere our matter.

The girl, who was crying and hurt badly, suddenly started laughing. She smiled and kissed her boyfriend's forehead and said I think I defeated you?

Boy - "Certainly my sweet heart". (He holds the girl, smiled and kissed her once at wet eyelids and forehead too). if you won, then I’ll also win a chance to kiss you more and more.

Girl- Smiled and said I love you so much. She took boy's hands and kissed his palms while started crying again.

Boy- (hugged her) I love you too. I'm sorry to hurt you. I can't see your tears. I love you so much. (He also started crying)

Moral: Love is when the other person's happiness is more important than your own.


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