Cute Love Stories: love story to tell your girlfriend

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love story to tell your girlfriend

There were two lovers. They always were staying together. The boy lost his parents so he was so happy with the girl’s parents. They decided to marry soon. One day everything got collapsed. They went to the hospital and Dr said that it needs the heart surgery. The heart of that girl should be transplant else it will be harmful for her life. No other operation can give her successful life. Both cried a lot. The boy holds her tight and said don’t worry my heart is always yours. I am always with you.

Then the operation date was fixed. They went to the hospital for operation. Then girl said: I'm having my operation now. Don’t leave me alone. I Love You so much. The girl lies on operation bed. His boy friend stands there with watery eyes, without saying that I love you too. The operation theater was closed. All of the girls parent waiting outside of that operation theater. Girl finishes heart transplant. The family came inside to meet the girl. The boy was not there. Girl: Nurse! Where is he? I want to meet him now. Mom where is he? Where he went? Why he didn’t came to see me. They all remain silent. She asked the doctor. Dr. Where is he? He remains silent too. She repeatedly asked to the nurse. Then the nurse Says: They didn't tell you who's heart they gave you? Did they?

Nurse handed over a note to the girl’s hand, Girls Read the Note
"I told you it was yours".


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