Cute Love Stories: A loving story to tell your love

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A loving story to tell your love

Once there was a boy fall in love with his classmate friend. They were always going home together. One day they fight each other for a small matter. Next day they met in a park.
Boy – hey do you angry on me? I am sorry. 
Girl- remains silent. 
Boy- Do you love me? 

Girl – Who are you, and why are you talking to me?
Boy - (Sad face) Do you love me?
Girl – No.
Boy – (Again) Do you love me or not?
Girl – I said no. I don't loves you.
Boy - (smile and said) – I was just confirming. Because your friend just asked me to go out on a date. Ok I am leaving bye.
Girl- (With sentimental emotions) – You idiot !! How dare you said like that. I love you yaar... I love you more than anything in my life, I love you so much you stupid. (girl started crying)
Boy – Hey! Don’t cry I was just kidding. I love you too. (boy hugged her and kissed on her forehead)


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