Cute Love Stories: Cute romantic bedtime stories

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Cute romantic bedtime stories

Once a boy went to a party with his girlfriend. 
After they came back. On the way 
Boy: You are really beautiful today.
Girl: Ok. I am not pretty.
Boy: No you are not..
Girl: But Ayush told me I am hot. Am I not?
Boy: No you are not.
Girl: My friends told me that I am gorgeous. Am I not?
Boy: No you are not. 
Girl: Started to cry
Boy: You know..
When a boy calls you hot,
they look at your body.
When a boy calls you pretty,
they look at your face.
When a boy calls you gorgeous,
they look at your clothes.
But when they call you beautiful;
they see everything.
Girl: I am really sorry. I love you so much.
Boy: I love you too...


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