Cute Love Stories: Cute bedtime stories to tell your girlfriend

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Cute bedtime stories to tell your girlfriend

One day a boy standing near a temple. He was looking at a girl. That girl was so sweet and she was walking towards the temple. At that time boy was looking at her badly. Like he never saw a girl before. He was laughing at her. He thought she didn't saw him. But the girl came to that boy and asked why are you laughing at me and looking me like this. You are an idiot. Boy remains silent. Girl went to temple and while she came back she saw that boy standing there. She looks at him and just give a smile. The boy feels like he is in love with her. So he also gave a smile. 

Many days later she met that boy. She told him, you know I love you so much. Boy told You Knew I also Love You. Girl- how i knew it? Boy: When I first saw your smile I am so impressed and fell in love and you smiled because you knew it. Is not it. I love you dear.


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