Cute Love Stories: Cute Romantic Love Story

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Cute Romantic Love Story

Boy: Hi how are you? 
Girl: I am fine. After a long time.
Boy: Yes. I am not feeling well. I feel something.
Girl: What? Is it serious. What happened with you?
Boy: Nothing.
Girl: Say Na what happened?
Boy: Nothing. Leave that. Say something about your study.
Girl: No first you say what happened with you? Else i will leave now.
Boy: Please don't leave. I want you to my side.
Girl: Then say what happened?
Boy: No yaar I am in love.
Girl: Are you serious? Do you love someone? Its nice yaar.
Boy: Yes. But leave that topic.
Girl: Don't change the topic. Please say who is that lucky one.
Boy: Yaar no one.
Girl: No you say truth. Who is that girl.
Boy: You want to know. Ok
I love the sun, you know why?
Girl: No
Boy: Because it falls on you.
I love the air, because it touches you,
I love my heart, because it loves you.
I love you dear.
Girl: I don't think you do that. Are you serious?
Boy: Yes i love you yaar.
Girl: I am impressed and I love you too.


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