Cute Love Stories: Sweet love story for ever

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Sweet love story for ever

It all started one morning on a rainy day. The rainy season had begun, the college buildings were half wet and half dry; a beautiful sight, there was this sweet smell of wet sand, drops of water on leaves which sprinkle down on you when you shake the tree. A young boy was walking on the road and calling to his friend. He reached in the bus stop and waiting to my friend. Suddenly he surprised a girl crossed by my sight. He just turns around and watched her she was very beautiful, charming and cute.

She stand a little distance and waiting for the bus. He thought she is waiting for someone. He decided to talk with her. What should he do now, his heart beat raised?

He wants to talk with her. He myself encourage and started walking towards that girl.
He says Hello? Hello…no reply from that side. Again He said hello..She: replied Hello…
Boy: Hi this is Ayush… She: replied Ayesha..
Boy: Wow what a nice name. If you don’t mind can you say whom you waiting for…
She: I am sorry. Why should I say that to you?
Boy:  Nothing what u r waiting for? I want to know.
She: I am waiting for my brother to pick up me……
Boy: can I say you something?
She: What?
Boy: Your voice is so sweet like your face.
Girl: I am sorry. Please stop this nonsense. (She walked away)
Boy: Silently followed her …
Girl: Why are you following me?
Boy: can we have cold drinks? Or ice cream?
She: Are you crazy? In this rainy day who is taking Ice cream? (She smiled and by seeing that i forget myself it looks like a heaven)
Suddenly one person came and picked up her. Boy: asked who are you?
It was her brother… no words from boy’s mouth he took her away boy stand quite…)
How fool that boy? He don’t know anything about her except her name how can he find her?


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