Cute Love Stories: Best Story to Impress a Girl : A touching Love Story

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Best Story to Impress a Girl : A touching Love Story

Once a time there lived a boy. He fall in love with a town girl. But the girl was not loved the boy and always hated him. One day the boy decided to change his girl friend's mind. But how to do this work. He himself said that he will stand in front of her house till next 10 days. Without listening I love you from her mouth I will never move that place.

Storms and Rains came but the boy didn't moved from that place. His friends and neighbor called him but he never agreed to move. After the 9th day the girl fall in love with him. Girl decided that she'll say that she also Loves him so much.

With the rise of Sun of 10th day the girl ran out but the boy wasn't there. Where he went? She was astonished to know that boy was not there. She found a piece of paper on which it was written

"You seat at your home and enjoy your snacks... I was waiting for you but you never came out. So I got committed with your neighbor. Thanking you."

Moral - When you get love from someone respect it and say it immediately.


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