Cute Love Stories: Romantic love stories to tell a lover

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Romantic love stories to tell a lover

Once a girl was talking with her best friend. She told that I don’t believe in love at first sight.
Boy: Why? 
Girl: It’s just an infatuation. I believe in love for years and It’s a true situation.
Because the moments spend together are not just a prediction. It is something without a reason. 
Boy: Do you think I love you for a particular reason?
Girl: No not like that.
Boy: Then why did you said like that?

Girl: See as love gets deeper in every season it’s selfish to have a reason.
Boy: I don't believe that. Can you explain how deep you are in love with me?
Girl: You want to know it.
Boy: Of course i want to know.

Girl: So, my love for you is like a pigeon, which gives peace in every season without thinking of any reason.
Boy: Thank you so much.
Girl: Sorry yaar. I love you for no reason.


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