Cute Love Stories: Heart touching love story to send your girl friend

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Heart touching love story to send your girl friend

Once there was a boy lives in a small town. One day that boy and his girlfriend had a small fight and it ended with their relation. The next day boy was so upset and another one friend (his girl friends best friend) asked him why he ended the relationship. He told that its for a small matter and i hope she will back. 

His friend told him, you know Butterfly lives only few days, but still it flies joyfully capturing many hearts. Each moment is precious in our life. So don't waste it. Please forgive her and live it fully joyfully and win not only her heart but you can win many hearts with your good behavior and your cool attitude. Please go and excuse her and start your new life again. In the mean time his girlfriend came there and they started their relationship again and live happily together.


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