Cute Love Stories: Cute Love Stores - True and Funny Love story

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Cute Love Stores - True and Funny Love story

Once there was a poor boy got a service in a town. What ever he earns it was enough for him and happy with his job. One day he met a girl in the auto while he was travelling from office towards his home at evening. He asked the girl hii.. Can i know your name please? I don't want to say my name to strangers. Please don't ask again anything. Thank you said the boy. 

After two days they met again in the townbus and boy gave a laught at her. Girl: W
hy do you following me? What do you want?
Boy: I want to say that i am in love with you. I am mad for you. Can we go for cofee today?

Girl: Ok what is your profession?
Boy: I am working in a software company. I am from a riched family. My father was a navy officer and my mother is a school head mistress.
Girl: Ok. I want to know somethong more about your family. So i will think about your proposal.
Boy: I don't speak lie.
Girl. Do your family own a ration card?
Boy: What? Its obivious yaar. Its with my father's name.
Girl: Great ... You really touch my heart saying lies about your status. You are a fraud and you can't reach my heart no more and bye bye..
Boy: What?
Girl: You told that your father was a navy personel and mother is a govt servant but your family own a ration card? Thank you.
Boy: I am sorry yaar. Please listen.
Girl: Get down from the bus and walked away.
Boy: Feel sad and promised not to speak lie..


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