Cute Love Stories: True heart touching love stories

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True heart touching love stories

Once a boy roamed in the city with a bicycle. He met his girl friend with her classmate on the way. When the boy saw her said hiii.. Where did you went?

Girl: Feels uncomfortable to speak with him. But generally said hello? I went to tuition and you? 
Boy: I went to market to buy a gift for my sister?
Girl: Ok talk to you later. Bye.
Boy: Why? Don't you want to speak with me now?
Girl: I am sorry I am with my friends now. Please we can speak with phone later.
Boy: I don't know why do you avoiding me? I am not a child. I can't tolerate this.
Girl: Please understand my situation. 
Boy: If you can't speak with me now then don't speak with me later. Bye.
Girl: Don't misunderstand me please try to understand. 
Boy: In anger left the place.
Girl's classmate: Don’t misunderstand the person who shows anger on you.
Because….Anger is the most easiest and childish way to express the deep love.
Girl: I love him so much yaar. But he...


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