Cute Love Stories: True and cute love stories - Really heart touching love story

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True and cute love stories - Really heart touching love story

Once a boy roamed in the city with his bicycle. He met his girl friend with her classmate on the way. When the boy saw her girl friend he said, Hello how are you? What are you doing?

Girl: Feels uncomfortable to speak with him. She said hello? I went to tuition and you? 

Boy: I went to market to buy a gift for my sister?

Girl: Ok you can go now. I will talk to you later at evening or call you at night.

Boy: Why? Don't you want to speak with me now? What is your problem.

Girl: I am sorry I am with my friends now. Please we can speak with phone at night. Please leave me to spend sometimes with my friends yaar.

Boy: I don't know why do you avoiding me? I am not a child. I can't tolerate this. Why are you playing with me. Don't you love me? Come on yaar.

Girl: Please understand my situation. 

Boy: If you can't speak with me now then don't speak with me later. Bye.

Girl: Don't misunderstand me please try to understand my situation. 

Boy: He got angry and left the place with sad face.

Girl's classmate: Don’t misunderstand the person who shows anger on you.

Because….Anger is the most easiest and childish way to express the deep love.

Girl: I love him so much yaar. But he...

Later at night boy called him and said I am sorry. I love you so much. 

Girl: I love you too..


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