Cute Love Stories: Heart Touching Love Stories

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Heart Touching Love Stories

There is a Boy and a girl loved each other. But their parents not agreed for this relationship. They decided to go for court marriage against their parents. After one day she came lonely without saying anything to her parents. They went to the court where they will sign the paper and get marry. The boy signed the paper and when the girl had to sign, she saw a poster hanging on the wall which forced her to change her decision without any second thought.

Do you know why she changes her decision? She loves the boy so much and comes from home without telling their parents, then why she did like that. What was written on that poster? So many questions arise in our mind. 
The poster had a picture of a baby girl and there was slogan written on it.
It was,
“That’s reason I am scare to give a birth to Girl”.

This small slogan had a big meaning. So never ignore your parents. Because if you Can’t Be faithful to your parents who give you life, who loved you, cared for you, make you young,  how  can you be faithful to the man who has just been with you for few months or years.
Note: Believe In Love, fall in love but don’t ignore your parents and take your parents judgment, convinced them what you want, what he/she is and get marry. 


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