Cute Love Stories: Heart Touching Love Story

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Heart Touching Love Story

Once there was a flight attendant began checking the cabins before the flight take off. A boy asked her “Please remind my girl friend to take her pills because she is a heart patient and she is in business class seat no-24”.
The attendant assured the boy to do that. After sometime the flight take off to the destination, the attendant went to seat no-24 and approached to that girl “Hello miss, remember to take your heart pills.” Girl: What? (Astonished) how did you know that I have a heart problem?   Do you know me? Attendant: No madam I don’t. Actually your boy friend told me to remind you? (The girl cried) Tears come from her eyes. Attendant: Is there something wrong?
Why are you crying? Girl: My boyfriend is dead in the war…. I am taking his body in this plane; I will bring his body to his village for his parents. Attendant: I am sorry. It’s the destiny please don’t cry.


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