Cute Love Stories: A Short Love Story To Read

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A Short Love Story To Read

Once upon a time there lives a cute boy in a city. Once it was feel very romantic but he don't know any of the park where he will go and spend some time. He asked his mother. Mom did you know any park nearby. I want to go to park for sometime. Mom said yes its nearby but go to park and come back soon. Boy said ok mom thank you. Sometimes later he saw a girl sitting under a tree. She was so sad. Boy asked her what is your name? Can I seat near by you? Girl: Yes you can.

Boy: What are you doing here? Girl : I am sad because my boyfriend left me alone.
Boy: Why did he did like that? Girl: I am not cute? so...
Boy: Do you believe in love? Girl: Yes...
Boy :Do you love me? Girl: I can't say you more things. Boy: If you love me I will keep you happy. Will you keep loving me in first meet? Girl: Yes I do...
Boy: Then will you love me more than your family ?
Girl :No, Boy :Why ?

Girl : Okay Listen this.
When I started to walk I fell, u were not there to pick me up. but my mom was.
When I went outside, you were not there to hold my finger. but my dad was
When I cried,u didn't gave me your toys to play,but my brother n sister did.
My family is more precious than anything else.


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